AC electric motor A-5

Electric motor of alternating current A-5 is suitable for working with the drive.

The AC electric motor A-5 is a machine that is designed to be applied in rolling mills and roller table, because it is its own electric motor to work with the drive.

Advantageously, this electric motor has low maintenance, because it was made in casting gray cast iron and with radial fins, for this electric motor is designed to work with the severity of the steel environment.

The AC electric motor A-5 is a fully enclosed equipment and therefore do not receive any type of ventilation, but their performance is evaluated as high performance plus the sealing of the bearings is unique to WEG and also has double seal with press and cables so that the cables pass; since the shaft, the fixing screws and electric motor nameplate was made coem stainless steel.

The painting of this electric motor in its internal part is anti-corrosive and the external account finished in polyurethane and is able to operate with frequency inverters. The electric motor also has optional as grease fitting; frequency 50 Hz; D and M categories; heating element; temperature sensor windings and the drain.

Operation of the electric motor single phase

Understanding the operation of single-phase electric motor is an important procedure for us to understand to what applications they are indicated. Today there are also models of single phase and three phase electric motors, each of them is responsible for a different type of implementation.

The single-phase model is much simpler than or phase. To get an idea, the single-phase electric motor is used in the most basic segments, while the three-phase electric motor is suitable for the most complex segments such as industrial processes. The customer you make the purchase of a motor has to have knowledge about which model will suit your needs.

The price of this product always varies according to the characteristics thereof. Therefore, it is necessary to analyze this information and make a survey of prices in the market so we can have knowledge about. Doing a search you can find a company that offers the most affordable value. dodge px90 coupling

Meet some damage the rotors with electric motor rings

When a rotor phase winding is expressed by a noise which is extremely bumpy which may vary in parallel with the sliding, along with periodic variations that are greater in electric motor stator current.

In cases that are considered rare there may be a break in the connection between the winding and the slip ring of the electric motor and is therefore is that one should first check if there was an interruption motivated by binding to the starting rheostat or on itself.

When the electric motor has problems with costs between coils in electric motors that have rings that occurs because there is a problem considered abnormal and also rare. This assessment will depend on the magnitude of the short and the electric motor can start up with violence even when your starting rheostat is only in its initial point of its starting position.

In this case in particular, the starting strong currents will not go through the rings that are there noticed burn marks.